What is maskne? The medical name for maskne is acne mechanica which is triggered by pores being blocked by sweat, oil, and makeup.

Face masks can also cause irritation by either, physically rubbing against the skin, which can damage the skin barrier. Add in moisture from breathing, talking or sweating and you have the perfect environment for breakouts. This acne/irritation combo means your skin needs some extra gentle care. A simple routine using minimalist formulas designed for sensitive skin is the way to go.

1. Cleanse with Avène rinse-free Extremely gentle cleanser lotion

2. Hydrate the skin with Avène Skin recovery cream for long-lasting protection allowing the skin to recover and reduce reactivity

3. Spot treat any blemishes with Avène Cleanance Comedomed

4. Apply a restorative barrier cream to help protect against mask friction like Avène SOS skin savior Cicalfate which does double duty to protect and restore.

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